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January 30, 2014
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Denver’s leaders for professional skin care and cosmetic surgery services, Lower Highlands Dermatology has announced that the company is offering cosmetic skincare treatments that are ideal for the effective removal of brown spots that occur in aging skin due to sun damage. The procedure, called IPL photofacial is a light-based technology that safely removes age spots, broken capillaries and boosts collagen in the skin to create a younger-looking appearance in a very short timeframe. 

The IPL photofacial treatment is a very gentle treatment offered at Lower Highlands Dermatology that uses narrow spectrum light to boost collagen, which in turn creates plumper, younger looking skin and improves the complexion without the need to remove layers of skin. It involves the use of pulsed light, which is aimed at the patient’s skin at specific wavelengths. These pulses target the hemoglobin and melatonin in the patient’s skin and can be used on various areas of the client’s face and body for rapid aesthetic improvement. A significant improvement is often seen in as little as two-to-three treatments using this innovative form of laser technology.

Clients with a light-to-medium complexion are ideal candidates for this cosmetic surgery service at Lower Highlands Dermatology. In addition, clients with busy schedules do not need prolonged periods off of work to have cosmetic surgery treatments. Cosmetic surgery still deals with procedures done to a patient’s skin, so those interested in photofacial treatments should contact the Lower Highland’s in-house specialists to discuss their options.

Achieving a rejuvenated appearance in a short timeframe has never been easier. To learn more about this revolutionary new treatment available at the Denver cosmetic surgery of Lower Highlands Dermatology, please contact the company today. Alternatively, prospective clients can learn more about the organization and its various treatment services via their business website at


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December 30, 2013
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For those who suffer from acne, winter, in particular, can be a harsh season. With winter fast approaching, Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic wants Denver, Lakewood and Arvada clients to be fully informed about the effect this season will have on your skin. And this isn’t just a problem for teens. More than half of women over 25 still have acne, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Most people find their acne gets worse over the colder months because Colorado’s climate is extremely dry, which dries out the skin. Eventually dry skin can cause

acne breakouts because dry skin will start to produce more oil/sebum as a means
to moisturize and protect itself. This can lead to overproduction of oil, which increases the risk of clogged pores, and thus acne. Fortunately, Lower Highlands has acne treatments available to bring your skin back to a healthy, moisture-balanced state, even in the dead of winter.

Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic, located in Denver, Colorado, and offering service to the Denver, Lakewood, and Arvada areas, wants every client to feel comfortable in their own skin, while also having access to all the appropriate information needed to make informed decisions and understand the different health issues that currently plague individuals. As acne is an incredibly frequent skin condition, with up to 80% of adolescents experiencing some form of it, Lower Highlands Dermatology offers a variety of treatments to suit all sorts of cases.

From Benzoyl Peroxide, for mild cases of acne, to Tretinoin, a derivative of Vitamin A that helps to clean out blocked-up pores that create whiteheads or blackheads, Lower Highlands Dermatology has the expertise to help your skin thrive this winter. Whether it is in the form of an acne treatment, or simply a consultation complete with advice, don’t let another winter go by without talking to an expert to protect and revitalize your skin.


Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic

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December 30, 2013
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Living in the high altitude of Colorado comes at a price on our skin. Intense ultraviolet rays in the summer, ultra-dry conditions in the winter, mixed with a plethora of outdoor activities all year round can increase skin related issues like acne, or increase our chance of skin cancer.

Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic embraces the special needs that comes with living in Colorado and has made it a mission to offer client the best in professional dermatological treatments across Denver, Lakewood and Arvada. The dermatologists at Lower Highlands offer a wide range of dermatological services to improve and maintain skin health.

To ensure all clients are as informed as possible about health issues, procedures and products, Lower Highlands is dedicated to providing the education and information needed for clients to make informed decisions about their skin health with confidence. Lower Highland’s Dermatology provides an extensive website through which clients and customers can read up on both ailments and treatments in order to better direct cautionary measures and future treatments.

            Treatments offered by Lower Highlands at Prima Clinic range from the cosmetic to medical, whether it is a common ailment such as acne, or a client is more susceptible to skin cancer. The dermatologists at Lower Highlands Dermatology are skilled in caring for anything from moles, rashes and poison ivy to rosacea, psoriasis, or warts. Varicose veins, laser hair removal, chemical peels, Dysport and photofascial treatments are just some of the many procedures additionally found at Lower Highlands and carried out by the skilled professionals.

            Whether in the Lakewood, Denver or Arvada area, Lower Highlands Dermatology makes it simple and easy to book appointments, the website providing not only times and booking procedures, but also further information on both the nature of the procedure booked, and attending staff and physicians.

It is the aim of Lower Highlands to take the fear out of dermatology procedures to provide an informative, clear idea of all dermatological issues so they can be treated quickly, especially suspect moles that could be in the early stages of melanoma. When choosing Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic, clients can feel confident they will receive the qualified, experienced care they deserve, secure in the knowledge and understanding of not only the procedures, but doctors and support staff alike.

For more information or to book an appointment visit:


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September 09, 2013
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Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic Offers Less Invasive Cosmetic Treatment as Alternative to Plastic Surgery 

August 16 2013- Denver, CO-based Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic is offering alternative skin rejuvenation treatments of anti-wrinkle products like Dysport ® and Botox® to their clients across Denver, Lakewood and Arvada as an alternative to the much more invasive plastic surgery procedures. Dysport and Botox® Cosmetic treatments are an exceptionally popular alternative to anyone considering plastic surgery as a means to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in aging skin; and their addition to the Lower Highlands Dermatology clinic’s suite of services will enable clients to achieve similar results with virtually no pain or missed work.

There are a number of ways to delay and prevent the aging process. But professional cosmetic treatments are considered the safest and most effective. These cosmetic treatments are one of the safest ways to protect the look of skin over several years. These treatments comprise several almost painless injections that can be completed during a 20-minute period such as a lunchtime or a quick after-work appointment. And the clinical effectiveness of the treatments is one of the reasons that Dysport and Botox solutions are both now offered by the medical staff at Lower Highlands Dermatology.

Lower Highlands Dermatology is known for offering the latest and most innovation cosmetic treatment services to their clients across Denver, Lakewood and Arvada. They are now inviting clients to book a consultation with their in-house staff and review the advantages offered by the latest Cosmetic treatments. Lasting smooth skin can be achieved at cost-effective prices through these latest treatment alternatives to plastic surgery.

To book a consultation to discuss non-invasive cosmetic treatments with a trained expert, contact Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic directly or visit their clinic website at To learn more about Lower Highlands Dermatology at Prima Clinic and alternatives to plastic surgery in Denver, Lakewood and Arvada visit,


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